Course Description

Are you right for the job?

30 day course with Weekly Webinars :  

Do you like excellence, good habits, constant improvement, socializing with people who could be your clients? If you can imagine with your new job being an asset to millionaires who d not yet see authentic fit in tailored clothing, we are the course for you.  Even if you dont need income and just want to upgrade your people skills and wardrobe this course will work for you. Being a service in the 21st century is irreplaceable in an newly automated world. Helping others for success is perennial. Prepare  yourself for an hour a day lessons for skills to be your own boss.

  • When you enroll, we set a date to meet on zoom for your included suit! You should receive for graduation.  The beta course includes this garment and 2 RM shirts or a mtm shirt. 
  • We will contact you once you have signed up. Please have an assistant with measuring tape. We will oversee your measurements and assure your satisfaction.  
  • Questions will be answered on webinar or community.
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  • Career & lifestyle investment  $595
  • First suit is included! (valued $1095 ) included till Beta course ends.


Steve Pelman

Steve Pelman is one of the few established custom tailors in Vancouver, Canada. He will be working to rebuild tailoring standards and self employment with tailoring design direct. As well the practice of dressing up and down a notch has a spiritual dimension and value for social benefits even online to show respect for ones audience through quality time. The word retail comes from the word tailor. Accept retailors do not have world standards. Steve has the skill to teach designer measurements that can with experience lead to designers freedom of income. Since 1978 Steve from Samsons, worked to develop sculpted suits with the "x" factor for a jacket that stays closed without buttoning. Most all suits we see, do not fit and end up aging prematurely. When suit fit is complete, its competent and strong. Steve created Samsons for that strong suit for a man's pride and legacy.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Why A Tailoring Designer?

    • Day 1) Whose your Mentor?

    • Day 2) Network your way in year three to $100,000 and up!

    • Day 3) 20 yrs of Growth for Millionaires

  • 2

    Your Tailoring Design Business

    • Day 4) Todays' Relevance for Tailoring Design

    • Day 5) The Art of Prevention of Destitution

    • Day 6) Wardrobe Packages - Real Men Don't Shop

    • Day 7) Be Your City's Go-To Suit Guy!

    • Day 8) Quiz for Becoming a Tailoring Designer

    • Day 8 ) Designer Mirroring

    • Day 10) Extend your world to a 50 mile radius with Virtual Visits

    • Day 11) Adopt Service Innovation

    • Day 12) Suit construction to style and type of cloth

    • Day13) Tattoos, Strong Suits; SUIT-PER-MAN ,

    • Day 14) How to Tailor Authentic People

  • 3

    Inside Upgrade

    • Day 15) Be Your Boss and Power through Cool Showers

    • Day 16) Your Own Character Wheel, Energy Engine & Vision-Board

    • Day 17) - Slow Food, slow Fashion; Personalization and Wealth Disparities

    • Day 18) Oppressed or depressed, but get Dressed. How to be a Community Catalyst

    • Day 19) Integrity is combined Gut Brain Health that Shows up

    • Day 20) Everyone one is a suspect, a prospect or a referral.

    • Day 21) I made Tony Robbins my Client

    • Day 22) Tips for Communicating Style

    • Day 23) Networking and Niche Markets

    • Day 24) Include Community for Growth

    • Day 25) Be honest about what you don’t know and Seize the Day

    • Day 26) Being Authentic and Listening

    • Day 27) My Bio, Shakespeare & Matthew McConaughey

    • Day 28) The Will Power to Move

  • 4

    The Wealthy Tailor?

    • Day 29) - A little Tailoring History

    • Day 30) The Wealthy Tailor.

  • 5

    3) A Piece of History

    • Day 31) My Bio-from Audio Waves to Lightwaves

    • Day 32) Self determination, social mobility & Democracy with a Dynamic Mens Movement